We refine, clarify and improve text, sentence by sentence. We consider the quality of an argument and its language. We can assist authors to plan the content and structure of their documents. We will support them through the process of drafting.
Plain Sense will write and rewrite drafts. We will prepare reports of meetings, annual reports, and policy briefs, power point and other presentations.
We will ensure that text is written in clear language, without errors.
Using professional translators, we can translate your documents into major languages.
We ensure that text and layout are free of errors and consistent of (footnotes, references, capitals, numerals, headings, etc.).
We convey your ideas and expectations visually. We will create a new design or work with your branding guidelines. We can provide accessible formats as well as text, graphics and illustrations.
We select the parameters of the page layout, and the text’s overall shape and form. We make sure that text is set on the page consistently. We can lay out/typeset in different languages.
We can oversee any aspect of production (printing, digital publishing, coordination). We charge you for our time and pass on external costs without a surcharge. We can identify service providers or work with those you designate.